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I have had very positive feedback on the website since you took it over. People have said that it looks alive, and up to date. I am very proud of and happy with the work that you are doing!!! Thank you very much!!!

Heather (Community Connections)

Just wanted to sincerely thank you for all of your great work and help! It is always a pleasure dealing with you! I always have faith in your talents and skills, so now, Spring Conference and all that it involves, does not stress me the way that it used to, in the past. Debbie (AAESQ)

WOW- great. Everyone, students and adults alike are most impressed with how the tutorial scheduling works. G. Spillane (LSHS)

Thank you very much! It's always nice to see what new changes you are doing. Our website is starting to be a big part of our school now. Parents are talking to me about it and they just love it. N. Rollin (St-Vincent)
I LOVE it! This is soooooo much easier than when I was doing the website .. with FrontPage. It's so user friendly! My staff and community are going to be thrilled!! You're super! Lisa (PETES)
I do believe that you certainly know what you are doing...... It is awesome. I am truly happy with this. It certainly makes our lives much easier. I am able to print the Mass Intentions sheet which helps us to pay the Priest his stipen for the month. Lynne (Holy Family)